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Online Microschool

Burlington NC Microschool


Burbrella Learning Academy Inc. is committed to fostering educational excellence and maximizing the potential of every child by partnering with community stakeholders to create innovative and inclusive non traditional learning environments.


Our schools vision is to create a dynamic and inclusive learning community that empowers students to discover their passions, reach their fullest potential, and become compassionate, responsible global citizens. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration thrive, fostering lifelong learners who embrace diversity and positively impact the world around them.



Burbrella Learning Academy Inc is a 501(c)3 non profit organization designed to strengthen the future of education for all children. We are building a network/district of non traditional learning environments across the globe. Our services include supporting passionate educators with creating their own schools under our umbrella network. 

We currently operate an online microschool (serving 16 states) and an in person microschool in Burlington, NC.


  • We believe all learners have the ability to succeed in learning environments that are nurturing, student led, hands-on, STEM, nature, play and project based.

  • All children deserve to learn in a warm and nurturing environment that educates the whole child.

  • Educating the whole child means connecting the child's learning needs and learning style to what is being taught, while also positively impacting and developing their social-emotional, and mental well being.

  • Families should have a choice learning environment that celebrates children through their interests, abilities, and learning styles.

Schools & Programs


Burlington NC Microschool

Registered Private school offering a non traditional learning environment for K-5 learners.

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Online Microschool

Student led non traditional learning for homeschoolers or families seeking an online school.

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Entrepreneurial Educators 

A coaching and consultant program designed for educators interested in opening their own non traditional learning environment under our district.

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Burbrella Learning Academy Inc has been featured in news, magazine, and various media outlets from 2020-present. Click the link below to access our Media Kit with links to articles, and video.

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