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Our School:

Burbrella Learning Academy is a K-12 online private school and a K-6 private micro-school located in North Carolina. The school is owned and operated by Burbrella Learning Academy Inc, a non-profit organization.


Burbrella Learning Academy provides educators with the importance of being relatable, knowledgeable,  engaging, accessible, and responsive. Our administration team is dedicated to providing the best programs, curriculum, and tools so both the learner and their family have the support they need to succeed.


Burbrella Online Learning Academy provides remote education to a wide range of students from all across the country. Now we are showing support to our In-person learners in NC through our Microschool.

Art Class


Burbrella Learning Academy Inc was created to redesign the future of education for learners and their families through collaborative partnerships, student-led academics, and 21st century learning skills​

Vision & Values

  • Think Critically

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Model Excellence

  • Celebrate Community

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun


Our vision is to develop learners who are prepared for the 21st century world and beyond.

Chemistry Homework
School Supply


We use curriculum as a resource at BOLA. Our teachers design curriculum and learning units using Eureka Math and learning A-Z reading and writing curriculum  programs. 

I-station is used as a supplemental online curriculum and assessment tool to engage learns in grade level standards, and used to measure learners academic growth in our program.

Collaboration & Community 

At Burbrella Learning Academy our approach to community engagement  differs from other online & in-person schools. Below you can find different ways we collaborate with our community to enhance student experiences in our academy.​

  • Parent teacher organization

  • Virtual field trips 

  • Community/Small Business Partnerships

  • Class dojo 

  • Parents as board members


Community Service
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