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Play-Based Preschool Ages 2-4

In this twice a week play based preschool class children engage in play based early learning lessons to enhance their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development. 

     Learning through a hands on and explorative approach is encouraged throughout each lesson activity. Below you can find some of the topics this class covers.

- Pre-writing Skills Development (through tracing lines, shapes, letters numbers etc, and coloring)

- Hands on learning crafts and projects to learn letters ex, S is for snow; learners create snow etc. 

- Preschool Math skills 

- Plant and animal life cycle (Creating Germination in a Jar, Caterpillar kits etc)

Each month during the semester learners will be sent a play based preschool kit both physical and digital.

Early Kindergarten Ages 4-6

 Are you ready for your learner to engage in core content through a self directed, student lead, hands on learning approach? In this class offered four times a week, kindergarten learners enhance their early literacy and math skills as it relates to building foundational skills.

Learners in this class, will engage in math, writing, phonics, science, and history content through an age appropriate learning design. This class will use a core curriculum along with teacher direct lessons that supports learning. Families will be able to access all curriculum content before and during class allowing a seamless learning environment. Ms. Wells is ready to help your learners prepare for our K-5 elementary academy in the fall of 2023.

Kids Playing with Lego
Colorful Alphabets

Upper Kindergarten/First Grade

In this class learners will engage in the core foundational content in both reading and math to be successful in upper grades. Content is selected using Eureka math curriculum, and learning a-z reading and math products. Writing is integrated into ELA lessons on daily basis. Social emotional learning, and character development are infused throughout program classes, class projects, school celebrates and field trips.​

The kindergarten and First Grade enrichment group is taught in an age appropriate hands on learning approach enhancing student interaction and engagement. Learners are assessed every 9 weeks using I-station and core curriculum assessments (which are modified by teachers).

Image by La-Rel Easter

Second Grade

In this class learners are working on building a solid foundation with core content in all elementary subjects while, enhancing their understanding of upper elementary learning material. Learners are challenged daily with content based on the learning standards and grade level standards.

The content for second grade is taught in an approach that allows learners to use hands on learning, class projects, virtual tools and much more to build and sustain classroom engagement,

Grade 3-5

Learners in grades 3-5 are strengthening their learning skills by engaging in daily reading and math content. The curriculum approach for this class includes Ms. Johnson  covering learning and grade level standards to ensure learners are prepared for middle school and beyond. 

Eureka math and learning a-z reading and writing curriculums are used in this class. Learners engage in core content daily through online assignments, printable assignments, projects, group collaborations and more. 

Outdoor Education

S.T.E.M. Middle School

STEM-based education teaches learners more than science and mathematics concepts. The focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a variety of skill sets, including creativity and 21st-century skills"- Burbrella Learning Academy's STEM Middle School program was designed to ensure all learners in grades 6-8 engage in Science, Engineering. Technology, and Mathematical learning experiences to enhance their skill set, knowledge, understanding, and physical abilities to ensure success in the 21 century and beyond. This program will allow each one of your learners the opportunity to engage in project based learning virtually through STEM explorations that feature science kits and much more. When you enroll in our STEM Academy you also get access to monthly assessments in ELA and Math via our online learning program I-STATION. Monday - Science, Tuesday- Technology, Wednesday- Engineering, Thursday- Mathematics and Fridays will be operated for small groups, extended learning, and literacy integration. I-station is used for math and reading assessments as well as for learners to engage with reading activities and games to enhance their academic skills. I am excited to welcome your learner into my STEM lab. 

In this class we are currently designing our own STEM app for technology, creating an engineering blueprint of our ideal city using area, perimeter and volume in engineering and enhancing our understanding of the relationship between math and science.

Science Class

Art Academy

These art classes will provide a creative outlet for our younger learners. Classes will be Engaging, educational, and interactive! This spring we are offering the following classes listed below, we are eager to see your young artist in action at our virtual art studio. This class is great for grades 7 and up.

Image by Benigno Hoyuela

History Academy

In this history class you will be engaged in history lessons that will teach you about events of the past, present and discuss what we think will happen in the future.  We will engage in activities like music, art, writing and even cooking to make a connection with those events of the past.  I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.  Please refer to the class outline for specific subject areas that will be taught.         


Since the start of the global pandemic (March 2020) many families of traditional and homeschooling learners have reached out to us asking for one time classes, and additional classes for all learners. This fall Burbrella Learning Academy is now offering additional classes on outschool. 


Burbrella Learning Academy's tutoring program was created to enhance the academic intelligence of students across the nation. Many traditional schools (public, charter) are passing children to the next grade level without adequately assessing student learning needs and using the provided data to improve instruction. This means many students are learning content above or below their grade level needs, causing learning gaps to exist and expand. We are committed to providing a high quality tutoring environment for all children and their family.

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