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Grades K-2 & Grades 3-5

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Still Life with a Guitar

Curriculum Outline

Old Globe

Lesson 1619 to 1719

  • Virginia Company's Grim Reputation

  • Britain's Solution for Manpower

  • The Roots of Slavery

Image by Derek Lamar

Lessons 1819 to 1919

  • Profiles in Leadership: Explorers, Politicians, Sports Icons from the 19th Century

  • Juneteenth: Celebrate Freedom- Profiles in Leadership: Artist, Entertainers, & Poets from the 19th Century

  • Profiles in Leadership: Inventors, Physicians, & Scientist from the 19th Century

  • Profiles in Leadership: Activist from the 19th Century

  • Profiles in Leadership: Educators & Journalist from the 19th Century

  • African American Medal of Honor Recipients: The Civil War

  • Buffalo Soldiers: Medal of Honor Receipients

  • Black Heroes of the Civil war

Silhouette of Soldiers
  • Profiles in Leadership: Inventors, Explorers, Writers, Soldiers, Ministers from the 18th Century- Drawing faces & people

  • Revolts & Runaways

  • Black Patriots of the American Revolution

Lessons 1719 to 1819

Image by History in HD
  • Profiles in Leadership: Aviator Heroes from the 20th & 21st centuries

  • Profiles in Leadership: Artist from the 20th & 21st Centuries

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Profiles in Leadership: Performing Arts from the 20th & 21st Centuries

  • Tuskegee Airmen of WWII

  • Black Wall Street

Lessons 1919 to Present

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