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Join A Co-op Today!

Are you looking for opportunities for your family to engage in social interactions with other homeschoolers in your community? Well, Burbrella is happy to welcome you to join our Homeschool Co-ops. This 2022-2023 homeschooling year we are bringing you Co-op's across the country. Checkout our co-op's below to see if your state is offered. If you're state isn't listed yet and you are interested in leading a co-op contact us today to learn more. 

All Co-op's require an annual registration fee of $55.00 per family and a $125 activity fee to cover field trips, classes, events, snacks and more. 

Homeschool Co-op's 


Co-Op Coordinator: Roslyn Nurse

Co-Op Name: Destination Georgia Homeschool Co-op

w/ Burbrella

Mission Statement: Our mission is to be a cooperative that offers challenging academics, positive socialization, and fellowship for homeschooling families by, providing an atmosphere that fosters the love of learning and builds


Co-op Structure: social and education based field trips w/ some hands on activities in relation to gardening, STEM, & much more

Co-op Ages: Elementary & Middle 

Coordinators Bio: Hi! My name is Roslyn Nurse. I am originally from Washington, D.C., but I currently live in South Fulton Georgia. I am a Registered Nurse and homeschool mom to 3 children. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children, gardening, and cooking. We have been on our homeschool journey for 5 years now and it's been a very fun and exciting experience and I'm excited to share it with others. 

Coordinators Contact: Roslyn Nurse 404-901-7715 (Call or text)

*2022-2023 Co-op Calendar Coming Soon

Georgia-Metro Atlanta 

Georgia-NE Metro Atlanta (Gwinnett)


Co-Op Coordinator: Sharese Gladden

Co-Op Name: Autistic Homeschool Co-Op of Burbrella (AHCB)  

Mission Statement: Autistic Homeschool Co-Op of Burbrella (AHCB) is organized to bring community to autistic children and their parents and/or caregivers, enriching our children’s academic and social experience through autism friendly and inclusive activities within the context of a co-operative organization. AHCB was established particularly in support of families with autistic children of color, however all families are welcome. There is no discrimination on the basis of religion, race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

Co-op Structure: Trips, Social Interaction, Parent Support

Co-op Ages: Pre-k to Grade 6

Coordinators Bio: "Hi! I am mom to four beautiful boys, two of which are autistic. My 18yo has just started working and my 5yo has just started Kindergarten. We developed the Autistic Homeschool Co-Op of Burbrella to facilitate community and support for elementary level autistic children and their caregivers. I cannot wait to see how our kids benefit from new social relationships and activities! See you soon!"

Coordinators Contact: 678-870-5598

*2022-2023 Co-op Calendar Coming Soon

North Carolina - Piedmont-Triangle-Triad &
East coast of North Carolina, Onslow/Pamlico/New Hanover


Co-Op Coordinator: Latoya Salter, Desiree Brown, 

Co-Op Name:  LIFE Scholars Homeschool Co-op of Burbrella

Mission Statement: LIFE Scholars, a community of homeschooling families who come together for enrichment, giving children the creative space to explore, learn, and grow.

Co-op Structure: Trips, weekly class/meetups, monthly virtual meetup, project based, lifeschooling, STEM/STEAM

Co-op Ages: Pre-k to Grade 12

Coordinators Bio: Latoya Salter : (East Coast of NC)

Hello! My name is Latoya Salter. I am a New York born and Jersey raised girl currently living the country life in North Carolina with my Husband, our 7 beautiful children, fur baby and pet Axolotl. Fresh out of high school I went on to study early childhood education and performing arts at Lynn University in Baco Raton Florida. I have since worked as a preschool teacher for over 10 years until I decided to switch gears and become a stay at home mom to jump into the wonderful world that is homeschooling. While I am truly passionate about education and learning, my love for the arts is like no other! I am a creative at heart who loves all things theater, singing and dancing. I find joy in creating new things from the old and roaming around in nature barefoot discovering it’s treasures! Creating a space that promotes and facilitates a love of learning while giving children the freedom to tap into and flourish in their creative genius’ is one of my greatest life missions.

Desiree Brown: (Piedmont -Triangle-Triad)

Hello, my name is Desiree Brown. I am originally from Washington, DC. I am currently residing in Winston-Salem, NC. I have an A.A.S degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. In the future, I hope to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health and a PHD in Nutrition.I have been homeschooling for about 10 years. I love learning. I am currently learning how to grow my own food, how to preserve foods through canning, and how to be more sustainable.

Coordinators Contact: 

Desiree - (202) 834-2574

Latoya- (910) 915-7728

*2022-2023 Co-op Calendar Coming Soon

Florida- Miami, Fort Lau, West Balm


Co-Op Coordinator: Gisla Augustin

Co-Op Name: SoFlo Homeschool Coop of Burbrella

Mission Statement: 

SoFlo Homeschool Coop with Burbrella was created to allow for homeschool parents of preschoolers and elementary students to have an outlet where their children can interact with other kids in a fun and educational environment. There will be field trips, classes, play-based activities for the younger kids and more. There will be a virtual parent support group for those needing support as they navigate their homeschool journey. The Coop will meet bi-weekly on Fridays and will have the opportunity to meet in the Tri-County South Florida region with activities taking place in all three counties, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 

Co-op Structure: Classes, Field Trips, Play-based Activities, Parent Support Group

Co-op Ages: Pre-k to Grade 6

Coordinators Bio: 

My name is Gisla Augustin, a native South Floridian and a wife and mother of toddlers. I am the eldest of 9 siblings and grew up homeschooled. As a result of my mother's dedication, I was able to graduate from college at the age of 18 as well as many of my other siblings who graduated from college in their teen years. Due to our accomplishments we received a lot of national and international recognition and have been featured on the Today Show multiple times. I am excited about homeschooling my own kids as they enter the preschool age and I am passionate about ensuring that they are able to obtain a quality education through my efforts as a homeschool teacher. I am an urban planner by trade and am an entrepreneur working from home with my kids. In my free time I love to hang out with my family, read books, and take vacations. 

Coordinators Contact: (954) 408-3011


*2022-2023 Co-op Calendar Coming Soon

Southern Louisiana- Acadiana, Baton Rouge New Orleans

20220620_194012 (1).jpg

Co-Op Coordinator: Dominique Marshall, LMSW

Co-Op Name: Homegreauxn by Burbrella

Mission Statement: 

The Mission of Homegreauxn by Burbrella, is to connect homeschool families in the Southern Louisiana region. Our goal is to commune in building a foundation that is culturally affirming and aligned with the needs of children from birth and beyond. We believe that learning happens all around us and the home is a haven to cultivate growth.     

Co-op Structure: Trips, Parent meetings Weekly Classes. Nature and Play based Learning

Co-op Ages: Pre-k to Grade 8

Coordinators Bio: 

For the last 10+ yrs I have been defined by my career as a school social worker in elementary and middle schools.  Through my work I have gotten the opportunity to teach and learn about the needs of children. I am an advocate of hands-on life learning with a special focus on nature and play. As a therapist, I am especially interested in the emotional wellbeing of children. Today, my leading role is Mommy to a loveable, energetic and adventurous toddler.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana, in the midst of the pandemic with the goal of building a community that mine and other children can thrive in. I am a Therapist, Author, Minimalist, Aspiring Conscious Parent and Mama 

Coordinators Contact: (917) 740-5422


*2022-2023 Co-op Calendar Coming Soon

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