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August 28-SEPTEMBER 1


Serving ABSS Families 



 - STEM Jobs are the Future of Our Economy
- Innovative Critical Thinkers are Born


- Learners Collaborate (Team Work)
- Hands on Learning Environments 
-Students Lead Learning



- Self-Expressive learning
- Student Led
-Decision Making
-Risk Taking
-Develops Motor Skills

STEM + Art = Fun

The Camp Experience Includes:

A one-week STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) camp that offers a fantastic opportunity to engage young minds in a wide range of hands-on, educational, and fun activities. Once registration is completed you will be invoiced via our brightwheel system and receive a welcome to camp email along with our camp handbook.


Here's a sample of our schedule of  activities for the week:


**Day 1: Science Exploration Day**


1. **Introduction to the Scientific Method**: Campers engage with the scientific method and its importance in conducting experiments.

2. **Chemistry Lab**: Learners will conduct a science experiment selecting from making slime or elephant tooth paste

3. **Nature Walk and Observation**: Campers will explore the outdoor community, identify plants and bugs, and record observations in science journals, as well as engage in a scavenger hunt

4. **Guest Speaker**:Learners will engage with a scientist in order to ask questions about their role and duties.


**Day 2: Technology and Coding Day**


1. **Introduction to Coding**: Learners will engage in coding activities throughout the day

2. **Hands-on Coding Workshop**: Campers will use beginner-friendly coding platforms to create simple programs or games.

3. **Robotics Workshop**: Introduce campers to basic robotics concepts and allow them to build and program simple robots out of recycled materials.

4. **Virtual Reality (VR) Experience**: Learners will attend a  VR  experience field trip to showcase technology's potential for immersive learning right in the mall.


**Day 3: Engineering and Design Day**


1. **Introduction to Engineering**: Learners will learn the  role of engineers and the engineering design process.

2. **Bridge Building Challenge**: Campers can design and build bridges using various materials to test their strength.

3. **Paper Airplane Competition**: Engage campers in a friendly competition to design and fly the farthest-flying paper airplanes.

4. **Guest Engineer**: Campers will meet a real life engineer and engage in a workshop activity.


**Day 4: Arts and Creativity Day**


1. **STEAM Art Projects**: Campers will combine science, math, and creativity in art projects, such as fractal art or geometric sculptures.

2. **Musical Science**: Learners will explore the science of sound and music by creating project based instruments and composing music.

3. **Stop-Motion Animation**: Campers can work in teams to create stop-motion animations related to science or technology themes.

4. **Guest Artist**: A local artist will share their expertise and demonstrate how art can intersect with STEM disciplines.


**Day 5: Math and Problem-Solving Day**


1. **Math Puzzles and Games**: Engage campers in interactive math puzzles and games to enhance problem-solving skills.

2. **Math Scavenger Hunt**: Organize a scavenger hunt with math-related clues and challenges.

3. **Outdoor Geometry**: Explore geometry concepts outdoors by measuring angles, shapes, and patterns in the environment.

4. **Camp Celebration**: Host a closing ceremony where campers can showcase their favorite projects and activities.

Camp Schedule 
August 28, 2023 -September 1, 2023

Fee: $115 for week
or $42 per day




Ecology Gardening Tour


Burbrella Microschool 2023 Camp Higlights

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